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2022-10-17 - 2022-10-31

About the position

The ideal candidate is able to perform all legally required fitness for work examinations, investigate interactions between health and work and advise individual employees on health issues in relation to work environment.

Duties & Responsibilities

      • Must have knowledge of worksite operations.
      • Promote health in the workplace and lifestyles.
      • Help prevent work-related ill health & injuries.
      • Improve attendance and performance of the workforce.
      • Must be familiar with toxic properties of materials.
      • Must be familiar with hazards and stressors of work processes.
      • Determine an employee's physical and emotional abilities for work.
      • Advise on fitness, workplace safety, prevention of occupational injuries, and disease.
      • Diagnose and treat occupational diseases and handle injuries.
      • Provide rehabilitation to help individuals return to work.
      • Recommend/implement policies to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.
      • Give advice on alternative suitable work for people with health problems.
      • Recommend adjustments in the workplace to help people stay at work.
      • Organize and manage the delivery of health services.
      • Conduct research into work related health issues.
      • Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.
      • Advise on medical health and ill-health retirement.


      • Ideal candidate must have a degree in medicine from an accredited medical school.
      • Ideal candidate must have completed his/her residency, which is at least two years of specialty training.
      • Must possess knowledge of rehabilitation methods
      • Occupational Health Training and accredited certifications
      • 5+ years' relevant work experience
      • Highly organized with excellent attention to detail

Key Competencies, Skills & Attitudes

      • Integrity
      • Strategic Thinking
      • Analytical Skills
      • Communication and reporting Skills
      • Mentoring, Coaching, and Leadership Skills
      • Interpersonal and Negotiating Skills
      • Team Player

Method of Application

Interested applicants should please send their CV's to careers@lancet.com.ng using the job title "Occupational Health Physician" as the subject of the email.